CrossFit Champion Gets Treatment for Neck Pain From Your Local Area Chiropractor


Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropracti.

And today we’ve got Dave in our office and Dave is, he’s a CrossFit coach at Titan CrossFit. Last year he was the first overall Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Open. This year he was, we had an influx of participants, so he went to number one in Maryland overall, the master’s division, and you were number 17 overall Mid-Atlantic in the master’s division. And so Dave originally came to us for, you hurt your neck/nakkesmerter, right? A disc injury, mild to moderate herniation at C5 C6, C4 C5. Does that sound about right? And he got an MRI scan, so we know that’s there.

We’ve got him out of pain. That was a long time ago that we got him out of pain. But now we just keep him, he comes in for more of like just to keep him moving well to keep his shoulder moving well, and to keep his neck moving well. If he’s competing in CrossFit Games he was coming over just to kind of like keep his performance up. You know or just kind of like to recover faster. Would you say that was just about right? That’s a hundred percent right.

Yeah. So today we’ve got some he felt drunk yesterday slept on his shoulder wrong, and he’s got some pain across the front of the shoulder here. The herniation’s on this side, so we got some weaker structure that we were going to keep him feeling better. So we do a lot of active release technique in his pec, and we’ll show you that today, in his pec and his shoulder and his lats. We adjust his first rib, his lower neck, and his mid back. So why don’t you just come on your back for me Dave? And Dave’s echo, a CrossFit coach at what level? Just level 1 certification. Level 1 certification a CrossFit coach at Titan CrossFit. A phenomenal group out there. They do really good work. They really care about the people that come into CrossFit. I’ve seen a lot of CrossFit gyms in the area, and they are by far the best in the area. So we’d like to start out with some pec minor work here, and some pec works here on Dave.

And Dave’s a big guy, he’s got a lot of muscle on here, but this technique’s helpful that allows me to find out where he’s tight pretty quickly and then relieve that tension. And this is for his pec and his pec minor. So anyone with shoulder problems, this is a go-to treatment area for treatment shoulder. For impingement syndrome, for rotator cuff stuff, I like this technique. Now we’re going to come down on his lat. And the lat starts on your lower back but it wraps around to the outside of your shoulder, and it attaches to the edge of your shoulder blade.

And this treatment allows him to get on that spot, that’s a spot that people miss a lot when they’re treating shoulder problems. And if you can free that up, you can take a lot of pressure off the shoulder with impingement type stuff, with rotator tough type stuff. And his treatments not bad for you right Dave? So what was it; it was the open? The most recent games? So when the games are coming, and Dave was coming in on every Thursday or every Monday too, for more of recovery care. He was coming in so that he can move at his optimal function here. Let me come in here. This is your sub-sca-, this is one of your rotator cuff muscles. And Dave does a lot of foam rolling on his own, he does a lot of massage will work on his own, does a lot of stretching on his own. We’ve shown him a lot of that; the CrossFit up there have shown him a lot of that. So he takes pretty good care of his body, but this muscle right here is pretty hard to get to yourself.

Good. I’m just going to roll the shoulder here, and this is just a general AC joint mobilization technique. Not a lot of for some there, not a lot of pressure needs to go on there. And we are going to adjust Dave’s first read next. And this is I like to call; this is the keypad or linchpin of the shoulder here. Turn your head this way. Not many practitioners do this technique. Hold on. Oh yeah, that was nice and easy there. A real gentle techniques there, but effective for shoulder pain, upper back pain, neck pain.

It always has to be looked at. Hang on, let me just go back there. And we just check his neck. And he was locked up at C5 C6; right we had that disc herniation. Wasn’t real bad today. Let’s bring you up and roll you over on your stomach, okay? And we’re going to treat his mid back as well. And laying face down for me Dave. No Dave’s work spends a lot of time in his car. He sits a lot; he’s sitting a lot, kind of like he travels a lot in his car. So sitting in the car in that kind of pastor also puts a lot of stress on his upper back. And combine that with his neck injury and just being a really strong CrossFit athlete, really strong chest muscles, really strong shoulder and back muscles, Dave gets a lot of tension right through here. This is a nice treatment we do for Dave to help take some pressure off his lower neck, upper back, in between his shoulder blades down through here too.

He’s going to take your breath in for me, and out. Good. And the lat muscle starts here and it wraps up through this way, and this is where it attaches over here to the shoulder blade. You can see it here, it starts down here, and it wraps up, and it comes into the arm up here. But this is where it gets stuck. So when he was laying on his back, and we were treating the lat muscle, we were operating it in this vicinity right here.

So that’s the treatment we’re doing for Dave today. We worked on his pec minor; we worked on his lap and his Terry’s group, his subscapularis. We adjusted his neck, we […] (00:06:47) his AC joint and mid-back. If you’re pretty good right now right? Yeah definitely. So thank you so much for watching everybody. Be sure to check out Titan CrossFit if you want to get involved in a CrossFit program.

And we’ll see you next time. Thank you..


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